delivering results

Through an in depth understanding of our environment and the implementation of the latest technology, we ensure that your advertising ROI is at the forefront of our every action.

What we do

Atmosphere Orange provides holistic digital solutions to media that are driven by data, programmatic technology and many years of digital and media experience.Our strategists and traffickers apply logical, simple solutions to what is widely regarded as an ever-changing and sometimes fragmented media environment. In a nutshell, our mission is to expose the hidden value inherent in the digital media environment.

Where we are going

Atmosphere Orange has spent significant resource on planning, research and testing in order to establish the value of ‘new media’ and how technology compliments South African and Pan African commerce.

Because Africa has different challenges in relation to the developed world, we embrace global best practice and proprietary technology to develop and implement tailored micro solutions for the local and other emerging markets.

our process

how we operate

What to Expect

Our initial consultation with you is very much a fact finding process and an opportunity for us to assess your goals. We value information that helps us understand your business as a whole, which ultimately allows us to offer you a better service and product that is 100% relevant to your environment, your products and your timing in the market.

We believe in honesty and quality, and will work with you to get the best possible results.