brand safety

we have your best interest at heart.

Campaign Management

Atmosphere Orange’s user-centric approach implements advanced features – like user-individual frequency capping and limited-ads-per-page strategies – so clients are assured of relevant and frequent customer clicks.

Privacy Concerns in Marketing

Consumers will switch off from campaigns if they do not have confidence that their privacy will be protected – irrespective of how well the advertising messages are designed.

Atmosphere Orange consults to clients as to what constitutes privacy violations and how to avoid these situations in order to maintain a positive brand and/or product experience.

Click Fraud

The online ad fraud issue is far worse than you think. It involves organized crime, Russian millionaires, ex-bank robbers and one-sixth of the computers in the U.S. –, Oct 1 2013. 

Fraudulent traffic (or click bots (Wikipedia Definition) ) can be a huge problem in digital media if one is not cognisant of the traffic sources on the supply side.

Atmosphere Orange continuously monitors client privacy within all client campaigns and responds immediately and decisively when our systems pick up any fraudulent activity. We use our extensive knowledge of fraudulent traffic to ensure that all legal and privacy concerns are considered in all our media structures.

Furthermore we are aware of the channels that fraudulent traffic is delivered through and have strategically positioned ourselves in order to ensure that all legal and privacy concerns are considered within our media structures.