our process

how we operate

Atmosphere Orange gets to know our clients through a process of research and consultation in order to deliver a bespoke solution that is measurable and brings results.
Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a fact finding exercise and an opportunity for Atmosphere Orange to introduce ourselves.

We value information that helps us understand your business as a whole, so as to offer a better service and product that is completely relevant to your business environment, products and timing in the market. In the initial consultation we also share digital best practice guidelines - based on historical data.

Planning and Deliverables

After above consultation, Atmosphere Orange delivers a media plan and proposed strategy which includes:

  • A creative matrix relevant to your objectives
  • A structure relevant to your individual goals
  • Identification of potential weak points and strengths (in consultation with client)
  • Final adjustments to the plan

Advertiser Goals

We adapt our processes to align with client media goals. Here are some examples of campaign goals that could be considered (mobile, tablet and online):

Brand Awareness

Rich media ads based on brand preferences to drive brand awareness, trial, up-sell and loyalty.

In-Store Visits

Targeted, location-based ads combined with offers and coupons to drive more visitors to stores.


Behavioural retargeting - increasing effectiveness by specifically targeting interested audiences.


Highly targeted and relevant ads - served at the right time and place, to the right audience, on the right device.

Drive Site Traffic

Personalised ads and powerful calls-to-action for increased engagement and site traffic.

App Downloads

Targeted, relevant offers and messages to the highest probability and profitability app users - from gamers to consumers.

Atmosphere Orange campaign operators scrutinise and optimise client campaigns on a daily basis and adapt accordingly where necessary, in order to ensure that you achieve your targets.

Client Reporting

Atmosphere Orange believes in honesty and quality and works with clients to get the best possible results. We employ quality control experts to implement quality control structures - such as creative controls to ensure that your creative is genuinely connecting with your audience.

Atmosphere Orange offers reporting on multiple levels - from granular to bird’s eye views. Clients are free to choose how much and how frequently they require data and reporting.