what we offer

Digital Media Planning and Buying

Atmosphere Orange offers strategic and tailored processes for all digital needs, resulting in efficient reach and strong return on media investment.
Through the power of its digital media and data management platforms, complimented by professional expertise, we create bespoke solutions for clients.

Atmosphere Orange currently offers the following sophisticated and effective capabilities:

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Programmatic Campaign Management

Programmatic Campaign Management is a real-time, machine based system that generates insights into user behaviour. These insights are used for improving customer understanding and communication, resulting in improved ROI across the board:

    • Personal Programmatics
      Converse with your customer on a more personal level through an advanced understanding of their requirements and access to your market segment through our multi-screen approach:
      -  The ability to target individual segments at scale
      -  Benefits the client (relevance) and the brand (reduced wastage)
    • Cross Device Marketing
      Reach your target audience – anytime, anywhere, on every digital screen.
    • Real Time Bidding
      Build custom segments around your business goals to ensure a continuous balance of your advertising investments, resulting in a custom made, sustainable advertising investment model.
    • Dynamic Creative
      Make real time adjustments to your creative work, based on continuous Creative Intelligence – generated by brand exposure that is fed into our Intelligent Data system:
      -  Accurate and consistent evaluation of your creative
      -  Learn the what, when and why of your (potential) customer’s behaviour

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Search Engine Marketing

Our Search Engine Marketing department is responsible for planning, optimising, implementing and analysing natural and paid search engine marketing activities.

Atmosphere Orange operates on both a strategic and tactical level, touching all aspects of the search marketing roadmap, including:

  • Keyword Management
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Creative Testing
  • Analytics

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Social Media

Atmosphere Orange implements your social media strategy – developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and encouraging product adoption.

Our social media experts coordinate with your Marketing and PR teams to support their respective missions – ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a social media referral network.

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Mobile Marketing

Over fifteen million South Africans access the Web through a mobile device, yet mobile spend represents a fraction of most organisations’ digital budgets.

Atmosphere Orange enables brands to better understand the power of mobile and establish ways to ensure it plays a pivotal role within any brands digital strategy. We develop creative ad formats best suited to the mobile devices targeted by our clients. This allows for better performance when building brand data and ensures optimum results for future campaigns.

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Atmosphere Orange helps clients to take advantage of the digital space, transforming repurposed television creative from a one-way dialogue to an engaging, creative and unique viewer experience.

Our clients benefit from an experienced design team, skilled at providing creative solutions within tight deadlines.

The Atmosphere Orange creative experience both evolves the client message and includes analytical reporting, allowing our clients deeper insights on how consumers engaged with their brand.

Our interactive ad units are created with proprietary technology that delivers your content seamlessly and at scale.

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Atmosphere Orange uses on-going testing and creative audits to help clients understand which creative content your target segments are reacting to and why.

We help clients establish the true value of every creative unit developed for their brands.

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Content Marketing

The primary objective of Atmosphere Orange’s content marketing offering is to create value for our clients through the real-time management of their content.

The content marketing ad unit is the cross-roads of where engaging content targeted digital display advertising and deep analytics meet to bring measurement to PR, an alternative distribution unit and greater audience relevance to display advertising.

Our content advertising unit encourages brands to reuse their historical content for advertising purposes wherever possible.

This process creates value from dormant content and is subsequently implemented into our programmatic tracking and optimisation systems.

Services offered:

      • Historical content editing
      • Content development

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